10 October 2016

12th FM WORLD Anniversary, Greece 2016!

12th FM WORLD Anniversary, Greece 2016!

Not only an amazing International Training for FM WORLD Leaders but also an exceptional Gala event under the stars – the 12th Anniversary of the brand was truly unforgettable. A beautiful hotel, great weather and the launch of new products exceeded expectations of the guests, who from October 1 to 7 spent a week in the wonderful Thermisia, Greece.

Peloponnese is a place in Greece where you can feel the presence of the Olympian Gods and Homer’s epic heroes at every turn. It’s an almost magical land of olive groves, vine plantations, ancient ruins, rocky cliffs and paradise beaches. FM WORLD Business Partners spent seven days in this picturesque scenery of a five-star Barcelo Hydra Beach Resort, which is invariably appreciated for good style and a wonderful seaside location.
All enthusiasts of beautiful landscapes, charming places and high standards fully appreciated this year's trip, and enjoyed multiple leisure time attractions, such as the trips to Athens or the Hydra Island. All of this turned our time in Greece into an unforgettable and exceptional adventure. 
The Leaders participated in a variety of sports activities, such as jogging, Zumba, aerobics, aqua aerobics, Pilates, stretching and yoga. FM Sports Games added a pinch of team rivalry in volleyball, football and kayaking. The “Twelve Godly Challenges” – an exciting outdoor game turned out to be one of the most surprising highlights of the stay. Every day the participants performed different, exciting and fun challenges posed to them by the Greek gods.
A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, along with dietary supplementation became the main theme of the FM WORLD International Training which was held on October 3. The FM WORLD Trainer team introduced the participants to the secrets of healthy habits and encouraged them to take care of their health. Presentations and workshops were accompanied by the launch of NUTRICODE – a new line of food supplements, which will enter the market soon. It was received with great enthusiasm, and after the presentation of the business opportunities offered by Nutricode, the entire hall resounded with thunderous applause. Also, the incredible body and mind transformations of Małgorzata Serwa and Ryszard Armanowski, impressed the Training participants. No wonder, Gosia and Ryszard have been successfully working on improving their fitness condition and losing weight for almost 3 months.
While waiting for the most important evening of the stay the Leaders enjoyed plenty of attractions. Both the welcome “Greek Pantheon” dinner with its “best Greek costume” contest as well as the Greek Farewell Feast went down in the history of anniversary celebrations. 
The awaited Gala event was held in a truly royal scenery of the amphitheater with a view to the sandy beach, the sea and the Hydra island on the horizon. This divine scenery could be outshined only by the stage on which Artur Trawiński presented UTIQUE – our new brand. 
Luxurious oils and mystical fragrances impressed the guests so much that the whisper UTIQUE could be heard even for a long time after the premiere. The starlit amphitheater gathered true stars that day – FM WORLD Leaders from all over the world received statuettes for their performances, whereas Beata and Wacław Pieciułko, were solemnly greeted as the new Jasper Star.
We have been receiving lots of positive feedback from many Leaders who attend this year’s International Motivational Training in Greece. The FM World 12th Anniversary has been announced the best ever so far! The Company has shown their vast progress in product development and their Vision for the future is simply amazing. There are so many exceptional things to come for FM World! A big thank you to all who contribute to the Company’s success. Your input in its development is invaluable. We appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you all! A massive – MASSIVE - thank you to Artur Trawinski for giving us the opportunity of FM World!



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