Tester Programme

Writing a review

Writing a review

Guidelines for reviewing a product

Reviewing a product

Before registering your interest, please read this to ensure you can commit to a ten-day testing period and submitting a review based on your experience with the product.

Welcome to the product review process! We'd like to guide you on how to create your review. Your reviews are invaluable to potential users of the product you've been testing, so let's make them informative and engaging.

Review Format 1: Written

Please write a review in paragraph format with a minimum of 5 sentences. Feel free to expand if you have more to share.

Review Format 2: Video

For the video review, let your creativity shine! This video will be posted on our social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

The video review should be recorded in portrait mode and should have a duration of 5 to 8 minutes. You have the creative freedom to be your own director. However, please maintain your focus on the criteria mentioned above. Consider showcasing the product and its usage, the packaging's feel, and any before-and-after aspects

In your reviews, we kindly request that you consider the following points:

  • Pay attention to the product's packaging and any distinguishing features.
  • Take note of the ingredients used in the product.
  • Describe how the product performs and if it met your expectations.
  • Share any specific usage instructions you followed during the 10-day testing period.
  • Mention any observations or changes you noticed over this period.
  • Highlight what you like most about the product.
  • If applicable (e.g., for creams), mention any positive changes you've experienced.

Your detailed and honest feedback will not only benefit us but also help fellow business partners make informed decisions about the products they choose to use. Thank you for your participation in our tester programme!