10 June 2017

2nd Global Networking Forum, Wroclaw 2017

2nd Global Networking Forum, Wroclaw 2017

1 Forum, 3 events, 5,000 people, 1, 000,000 unforgettable moments fulfilled with motivation, fantastic inspiration and passion! It was the biggest event in FM World. Although it is now far behind, it remains vividly in our memory. 

GNF Conference


It was a beautiful, hot morning. Rays of sunlight illuminated the entry to the Centennial Hall. Hundreds of happy, cheerful Business Partners started to gather, they greeted each other with a big smile on their faces and everyone seemed to be extremely excited about what was going to happen soon. The Hall was full of joy and happiness and could hear so many different languages in the background.
After a while, Business Partners, eager to learn and develop new skills started to approach the main stage. The music that you could hear made you thrilled, the lightning around the main scene made a hypnotising impression; you couldn’t take your eyes off it. 

The owner of FM World Artur Trawinski came on stage. As always, he greeted everyone warmly and announced great news. Since the last year the turnover of FM branches had increased by 800% and the turnover of FM World had increased by 40%. This announcement got standing ovations. Just after few minutes from the beginning the emotions were very high!

The first speaker was our amazing FM World UK leader, Sarah Amadi! This is how Sarah was described on the official GNF website: ”Even a stay at home mum of four can feel in her element working in network marketing. Sarah Amadi, from the UK, is a living proof of that”.

Indeed - her life story could be a great basis for a movie. Before turning to multilevel marketing, Sarah worked as a carer earning only £6.70 an hour. She loved her job, as she was passionate about caring for others, but the pay was very low and she missed her children. The money that she’s earned, did not allow her family to ensure an adequate standard of living, so one day she said to herself that enough is enough and she started looking for a job that would let her stay at home whilst earning a decent income.
Sarah gave an amazing speech in front of 5,000 people about her FM World journey. Whole audience was fascinated and stunned. Sarah is the best example that nothing is impossible. (Go to page 10 to read the interview with Sarah and her husband Iheanacho).

Another speaker was the young leader from Portugal - Tiego Cunha whose core values were living the life to the fullest by travelling around the world and helping others in the network. He proved that his formula for success works perfectly well.

Next on the stage were Michal Alczyszyn, Aleksandra Art and Paulina Bukowska; triple energy, and triple motivation! These young yet experienced Polish Leaders talked about recruiting new partners to the business and building strong relationships with them. Their stories differed, but they all shared a great passion for network marketing.

Next on GNF stage was a special guest - Alexandre Monteiro from Portugal - the master of the body language. Alexandre did teach well known politicians, and he shared some of his professional secrets with us. It sounded a bit like hocus pocus, but we’ve found out that picking the right tie colour can really help get your message across. We’ve also learnt that a handshake is more than just a greeting. It is also a message about your personality and confidence level.
“What I do is very simple: I’m literally talking to someone all the time!” – said Giuseppe Bracciodieta, the next speaker on the GNF stage! He was born and raised in a very modest family and started working at the age of 11! It was incredible feeling to listen to his life story and learn how he became one of the first Italian Business Partners ever and the very first Diamond Orchid.

The star speaker of the day was the motivation expert - Jim Cathcart. With over 40 years of professional speaking around the world, Jim Cathcart is one of the best known and most award-winning motivational speakers in the business, voted the world’s Top 25 Speakers for 2017. He is the author of 17 books, including the bestselling Acorn Principle – USA’s #2 best-selling e-book – a popular blog and scores of recorded programs. It was a great pleasure to listen to the speech he made.

Without a shadow of a doubt, meetings like the GNF weekend are what fuel the MLM business. The 2nd Global Networking Forum will be long remembered.

GNF Party

The Centennial Hall turned into the biggest MLM dance floor! The unforgettable night had started! Within the first few songs, the dance floor was packed. Everyone was full of energy and we all had fun until late night. There was a photo booth available to take pictures that now bring back unforgettable memories. It was a fantastic night that we will remember for a long time.

GNF Training

The final day of the second edition of GNF was the Training. It took place at the adorable part of Wroclaw – Pergola Park with a breath-taking multimedia music fountain in the centre of it. Beautiful weather, green plants and relaxing atmosphere made the day even more fabulous. The catering space, apart from trying delicious food, gave us possibility to chat to other Business Partners from all around the world. The Training Day was full of inspiring conversations, exchanging business ideas, and giving good advices. In the pergola there were spots, where you could not only buy the special sets with our great products but also admire them in the beautifully arranged displays. We had a chance to see the new models of cars available in the FM World motivational programs and also take part in many games and amusements prepared for that day. Next to the stage there was a huge screen with pictures of business partners, who attended the event! The most popular spot was the photo booth where we could take pictures with our favourite FM World products.

We had a lovely and unforgettable time and we cannot wait for the third edition of the Global Networking Forum:
9-10th June 2018 in the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw.

See you there!