16 September 2015

FM GROUP 11th Anniversary, Italy 2015

FM GROUP 11th Anniversary, Italy 2015

FM GROUP noisily celebrated its 11th Anniversary in the scenic Gulf of Naples. Warm sea, sun, exquisite food and spectacular view on still active Vesuvius Mount made the invited guests feel the beauty of Italian dolce vita.


The intensive motivation training programme merged with the Best Business Partners gala, run over the course of six unforgettable days: from the 11th until the 16th of September 2015. The 11th anniversary celebrations were started with an incredible performance by Małgorzata Serwa, who enchanted everyone with the magical history of scents. During her performance, Małgorzata showed how unpredictable the perfume compositions can be and she proved that the scents of stone, water, suede and metal can become a perfume ingredients.

During the sensory workshops, Business Partners had a chance to open up to experiences related to senses of hearing, touching and smelling, but most importantly they could familiarise themselves with the new perfumes available in premier Fragrance Catalogue.



The new body care honey collection, Hello Honey!, was remarkably presented by Balbina Martini. Małgorzata Wawrzynowicz-Mazur and Ryszard Armanowski revealed how to consolidate the acquired knowledge so it can transfer from the brain to the heart and primarily- how to apply it in the daily work of a Business Partner. The Italian Jasper Stars- Catia Brizi and Aldo Parisi with family, also made an appearance on the stage and shared their acquired work methods, which allow them achieving such incredible results.


The FM GROUP 11th anniversary is a colossal portion of knowledge, many hours of intensive training sessions but also a real power of attractions. During their free time, Business Partners could visit the nearby Pompeii, Vesuvius Mount, take a boat to the Capri Island or sink in the romantic climate of Sorrento. One of the most memorable attractions was a dinner in the typical Italian restaurant-Parrucchiano, located in the heart of Sorrento.

The solemn gala during which Orchid and Star trophies has been given out, took place on the 14th of September 2015 in the Neapolitan Salone Margherita, located in the basements of famous Umberto Gallery. During his jubilee speech, Artur Trawiński, the host of the gala, referred to the symbolism of number 11, which signifies a new beginning, intuition, power, vision and knowledge, which permit uprising to the higher level. He also thanked all the special guests of FM GROUP: representatives of Drom Fragrances, Perfand, Polkomtel and Mercedes-Benz. The special emotions of all Business Partners were electrified by the amazing music by Sabina Sago. Gabriella Compagnone, the sand painting artist, briefly outlined the history of FM GROUP Italia, which was the joint host of this year celebrations. The splendid fun lasted until the early morning hours.

Number eleven turned out magical for us. The amazing twelve, which symbolises happiness, order and wisdom is ahead of us.
See you next year in Greece!