30 October 2019

FM World UK National Conference & Product Catalogue No. 31 - official launch, Telford 2019!

FM World UK National Conference & Product Catalogue No. 31 - official launch, Telford 2019!

On 28th September 2019, the International Centre in Telford was one of the most energetic places in the whole world! The FM WORLD UK NATIONAL CONFERENCE gathered over 600 FM World Business Partners from the UK and beyond. It has been a fabulous celebration of the spectacular achievements of the FM World UK Business Partners and the FM World UK office, which is the fastest growing branch in the FM World! The FM World UK CEO Anita Sieniuc officially announced that soon in the UK you will be able to shop an FM MOBILE PLAN and get the cash-back to purchase the FM World Products. In her speech, Anita also presented the impressing statistics showing how amazing everyone did since the last Conference in 2018!

◾45,000 new Business Partners have joined FM WORLD UK
◾ 1 New Amethyst Star
◾ 2 New Diamond Orchids
◾ 11 New Golden Orchids
◾ 12 New Amaranth Orchids
◾ 76 New Pearl Orchids
◾ over 50 Business Partners have qualified for the Car Incentive Programme
◾ 50 Business Partners qualified for the all inclusive Luxury trip to Singapore to celebrate FM World Anniversary

Not only did we celebrate the superb achievements of our Business Partners, but we also learnt so much from the invited guest speakers ◾Irena Oliver ◾Sarah Drew ◾Megan Hosier ◾Frazer Brookes ◾Robert Sperry! Thank you so much for your input in making the event so special! 

This year’s Conference was also very special due to the launch of the New Product Catalogue! We were excited to be able to try and instantly fall in love with them from the first sight, smell & touch!

After the Conference, we held an exceptional Gala Dinner – Masquerade Ball accompanied by a marvellous entertainment that no one expected … Check out the event highlights by Anita Sieniuc herself!   

'OMG where do I start?
What an incredible day and night we have just had!! Am I awake or I am still dreaming? The conference was out of the roof. I am so proud of our FM speakers for getting out of their comfort zones and speak on the stage: Sarah Drew, Meg Hosier, Irena Oliver. I have never laughed so much during the conference speech, Frazer Brookes. The word ‘action’ will make me laugh for a long time! Thank you for sharing your story Rob Sperry and for coming all this way to be with us. It was an unforgettable day. Everyone is so fired up especially learning how many incredible products we have just launched! The next three months will be busy!! The Gala evening - where do I begin. 360 Business Partners joined us this year! It was the biggest Gala we ever had. Everyone looked incredible with their Masquerade ball masks! I am sure you agree with me that the entertainment of the night was magical, jaw dropping, sexy and fun. I loved it. My feet still hurt but my heart and head are so happy that I can have an impact on so many lives. Thank you all for believing in me and for all your kind word yesterday!  Days and nights like this make all the work worth it!'